Free Social Media Vector Icons

Download our FREE Social Media vector icons below. Feel free to use these wherever you need. They are available in both PNG and SVG formats.

Right click on the format button and click "Save Link As" to save to your computer.


Discord Logo Circle Black

Discord Logo Circle Color

Discord Logo Circle Black Outline

Discord Logo Circle Color Outline

Discord Logo Icon Black

Discord Logo Icon Color

Discord Logo Square Black

Discord Logo Square Color

Discord Logo Square Outline Black

Discord Logo Square Outline Color


Facebook Logo Circle Black

Facebook Logo Circle Color

Facebook Logo Circle Black Outline

Facebook Logo Circle Color Outline

Facebook Logo Icon Black

Facebook Logo Icon Color

Facebook Logo Square Black

Facebook Logo Square Color

Facebook Logo Square Outline Black

Facebook Logo Square Outline Color


Google Logo Circle Black

Google Logo Circle Color

Google Logo Circle Black Outline

Google Logo Circle Color Outline

Google Logo Icon Black

Google Logo Icon Color

Google Logo Square Black

Google Logo Square Color

Google Logo Square Outline Black

Google Logo Square Outline Color


Instagram Logo Circle Black

Instagram Logo Circle Color

Instagram Logo Circle Black Outline

Instagram Logo Circle Color Outline

Instagram Logo Icon Black

Instagram Logo Icon Color

Instagram Logo Square Black

Instagram Logo Square Color

Instagram Logo Square Outline Black

Instagram Logo Square Outline Color


LinkedIn Logo Circle Black

LinkedIn Logo Circle Color

LinkedIn Logo Circle Black Outline

LinkedIn Logo Circle Color Outline

LinkedIn Logo Icon Black

LinkedIn Logo Icon Color

LinkedIn Logo Square Black

LinkedIn Logo Square Color

LinkedIn Logo Square Outline Black

LinkedIn Logo Square Outline Color


Pinterest Logo Circle Black

Pinterest Logo Circle Color

Pinterest Logo Circle Black Outline

Pinterest Logo Circle Color Outline

Pinterest Logo Icon Black

Pinterest Logo Icon Color

Pinterest Logo Square Black

Pinterest Logo Square Color

Pinterest Logo Square Outline Black

Pinterest Logo Square Outline Color


Snapchat Logo Circle Black

Snapchat Logo Circle Color

Snapchat Logo Circle Black Outline

Snapchat Logo Circle Color Outline

Snapchat Logo Icon Black

Snapchat Logo Icon Color

Snapchat Logo Square Black

Snapchat Logo Square Color

Snapchat Logo Square Outline Black

Snapchat Logo Square Outline Color


TikTok Logo Circle Black

TikTok Logo Circle Color

TikTok Logo Circle Black Outline

TikTok Logo Circle Color Outline

TikTok Logo Icon Black

TikTok Logo Icon Color

TikTok Logo Square Black

TikTok Logo Square Color

TikTok Logo Square Outline Black

TikTok Logo Square Outline Color


Twitch Logo Circle Black

Twitch Logo Circle Color

Twitch Logo Circle Black Outline

Twitch Logo Circle Color Outline

Twitch Logo Icon Black

Twitch Logo Icon Color

Twitch Logo Square Black

Twitch Logo Square Color

Twitch Logo Square Outline Black

Twitch Logo Square Outline Color


Twitter Logo Circle Black

Twitter Logo Circle Color

Twitter Logo Circle Black Outline

Twitter Logo Circle Color Outline

Twitter Logo Icon Black

Twitter Logo Icon Color

Twitter Logo Square Black

Twitter Logo Square Color

Twitter Logo Square Outline Black

Twitter Logo Square Outline Color


YouTube Logo Circle Black

YouTube Logo Circle Color

YouTube Logo Circle Black Outline

YouTube Logo Circle Color Outline

YouTube Logo Icon Black

YouTube Logo Icon Color

YouTube Logo Square Black

YouTube Logo Square Color

YouTube Logo Square Outline Black

YouTube Logo Square Outline Color

Note that these are not official logos and should only be used to reference your social profile on these platforms. We obviously do not own and are not affiliated with any of these companies, but we made these assets for our clients and figured they might be useful for you too!